CVOR Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration, What Is It?
What is "Overall Violation Rate?"

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All right. What is the "Overall Violation Rate?" What does that mean?

It is also called threshold. The overall violation rate is sometimes called a threshold and you need to understand it and get familiar with it.

It is made up of three, yes three things. Yeah, I got to be a little crazy here, this is pretty boring stuff.

Collisions make up a large portion of the overall violation rate. Three things. Collisions, collisions make up 40 percent of the overall violation rate. So you need to understand that you want to keep track of your collisions.

Next thing Convictions. Convictions come on now you know convictions. You get a ticket, don't just pay the darn ticket, fight the ticket. You can't afford it because convictions are also worth 40%.

So we've got collisions worth 40%, convictions worth 40% of the overall violation rate.

Can you guess what this is? It is inspections and if collisions are worth 40%, convictions are worth 40%, how much our inspections worth? Can you guess? There's only three components. All right so inspections are worth 20%. Don't think that inspections aren't important because they're only worth 20%. Where do a lot of tickets come from? But from the scales and inspections. So when you do get an inspection, it can result in a ticket and of course tickets can result in convictions. So you don't want to do that, so don't treat inspections lightly.

There you have you've got collisions at 40%, convictions at 40% and inspections at 20%.

CVOR simplified. That's what we're talking about. Keeping it safety dawg simple.

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Who Needs a CVOR?

Frequently asked questions. CVOR. In the world needs a CVOR? If you operate a truck in Ontario, it is plated in Ontario, just might need a CVOR!

If you are from the US or Mexico your trucks are plated in US or Mexico, I should actually see your “vehicle” is plated in US or Mexico, because this does apply to several other vehicles such as buses or trucks, I mean tow trucks. Yep, you need a CVOR.

Your truck has a gross weight of 4500 kg and you were plated in Ontario, United States, or Mexico you need a CVOR.

If you have a registered Gross weight of 4500 kg hands are plated in Ontario, Mexico for the United States you need a CVOR.

If you are a bus Company and are carrying 10 passengers for more you need a CVOR. All total trucks, you will need a CVOR. Hey bus for a tow truck plated in the United States, Mexico or Ontario you also need a CVOR.

Alright, so if you need help to “Prep for the Test” course.

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CVOR, Read It, Understand It, CHEAT SHEET

Your need your CVOR. You need to be able to interpret it successfully. You need a complete understanding of each component. What is the Overall Violation Rate? Get your Cheat Sheet and find your answers. (Cheat Sheet Here and Chris Harris will help you get that critical understanding of the CVOR. Get the FREE Cheat Sheet now!

Hey, it's Chris here a Safety Dawg. Let's get right to it CVOR. Your CVOR.

It is a bugger to get to know, learn, and read, and understand. If you are having difficulty understanding the level 2 CVOR and how to read and what all those numbers mean?

I'm here to help you! If you are from the towing industry
Welcome to the CVOR regime. I'm sure you're happy to be included. Road builders Welcome to the CVOR. I'm sure you are excited and beyond ecstatic to be included down this CVOR. And of course if you're in the trucking industry, you've had to deal with the CVOR for a number of years, but you might be new and you need a little help understanding and reading the CVOR. Safety Dawg here to help.

We've got a cheat sheet!

Click the link below for your cheat sheet, but I'll get more into that in one second here. It is right here CVOR Cheat Sheet.

What does it contain? We've got the violation rate? We talked about that discover that get into that. Intervention when does the MTO? Come A-Knockin. Alright. We need to talk about that and CVOR ratings you need to understand the reading system.

So let's quickly go through this cheat sheet.
The overall violation rate that is the most important number you've got on the CVOR. The overall Level of the threshold. The overall violation rate threshold. If you get above 35% you're going to get into trouble. You want to keep it below 20% if at all possible.

The Overall Violation Threshold is made up of three components.
Convictions and

I talked about each of them very quickly in this cheat sheet so that you can understand.
I don't want to spend a lot of time explaining this cheat sheet. Just download it. Get it for your help.

We talk about the inspection. You need to keep the CVOR overall violation rate below 35%. If not you're going to get the MTO's attention. What do I mean?

Intervention when do they come a-Knockin?

At 35% you're going to get a warning letter.
At 50% you get on the list of "We might just coming and audit you?"

70% your rating changes, and at

100% sanctions can happen.

We're going to talk a little bit on the cheat sheet about intervention.

And then, of course, we've got ratings. You need to understand the rating system. It is Excellent.
Satisfactory un-audited,
Conditional and the oops.

The one you do not want. Please don't go unsatisfactory. It's awful. It can cost you an awful lot including your insurance. So, the reading is public, so you need to keep it as good as possible. You need to be ordering your level 2 CVOR on a monthly basis.
Here is the url right there to order your level 2 CVOR on a regular basis.

If you've got comments and questions
Please leave me a comment, especially in the form of a question.
I'll answer your question about the level 2 CVOR.

What do you need to know about your CVOR? Leave me a comment. I'll help you out.

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Click the link below and get your cheat sheet!!!!

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