CVOR Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration, What Is It?

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What is "Overall Violation Rate?"

Keeping it Safety Dawg Simple!

Hey, it's Chris here, Safety Dawg CVOR "keeping it safety dawg simple."

All right. What is the "Overall Violation Rate?"
What does that mean?

It is also called threshold. The overall violation rate is
sometimes called a threshold and you need to understand it and get familiar
with it.

It is made up of three, yes three things. Yeah, I got to be a little crazy here, this is pretty boring stuff.

Collisions make up a large portion of the overall violation rate. Three things.
Collisions, collisions make up 40 percent of the overall violation rate. So you need to understand that you want to keep track of your collisions.

Next thing Convictions.
Convictions come on now you
know convictions. You get a ticket, don't just pay the darn ticket, fight the
ticket. You can't afford it because convictions are also worth 40%.

So we've got collisions worth 40%, convictions worth 40% of the overall violation rate.

Can you guess what this is?
It is inspections and if collisions are worth 40%, convictions are worth 40%, how
much our inspections worth? Can you guess? There's only three components. All right
so inspections are worth 20%. Don't think that inspections aren't important
because they're only worth 20%. Where do a lot of tickets come from? But from the
scales and inspections. So when you do get an inspection, it can result in a
ticket and of course tickets can result in convictions. So you don't want to do
that, so don't treat inspections lightly.

There you have you've got collisions at 40%, convictions at 40% and inspections at 20%.

CVOR simplified. That's what we're talking about. Keeping it safety dawg simple.

Safety Dawg is out.

Oh hey and if you need help Chris@CVOR.ca.

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