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The CVOR test prep bundle includes:

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What is the true cost to you if you were to fail the CVOR Test?
The start of your company has been delayed which means delayed revenue (until after you pass), dollars are being poorly spent and now your goals and ambitions have been run off the road. The main reason people fail is that they are not adequately prepared. Even the information the MTO supplies might not be enough for you to pass. You can avoid this costly and frustrating situation with this CVOR Test Prep Bundle. You will get your CVOR company started quickly and for a very minor investment. Move down the road closer to your success. The quickest way forward is to be fully prepared to write the CVOR Test so you can fully understand the commitment you made to the MTO.

What computer hardware do I need to complete the course?
You can quickly go through the course on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You will want to download several documents. You may like to print many of these documents for your use.

I’m not very good at computers. How hard is it to navigate and get through the bundle?
Easy, peasy. Each course is video-based. The lessons can be completed with your computer, tablet or smartphone. I have even created a video for you about how to easily edit a Word document. (I suggest that you may want to edit the Drivers Safety Policy, and I will show you how easy this is.)

Is there any help available if I get stuck?
Yes, there are two forms of help.

  1. You get access to the CVOR Facebook group. The group is made up of others just like you who answer questions and offer suggestions. I check in on the group regularly.
  2. The second form of help is me! You can email me your questions, and I will respond, usually before the end of the next business day. I try to answer the same day, and I don’t like making promises that I can’t keep. So I have built in a buffer. 🙂

I won’t leave you stranded.

How do I customize the Driver Safety Manual?
The safety manual is given to you in Word format. Word is easily edited, and I have created a quick video to show you the editing basics. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to edit, even for those who may have limited computer skills. That is all that you need.

How long do I have access to the courses?
You get lifetime access to the courses. You can use them at your own pace. The lessons will be here when you need them or need a refresher. Take your time.
The exceptions are:

  • “The Dawg Speaks,” you and your drivers have 6 months of free access
  • “New Hire Orientation Video Driver Training” program has free admission for you and your drivers for 12 months.
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