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Avoid Costly MTO Action!

What is MTO Action?
The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) calls it "Interventions and Sanctions."
Did you know that the MTO can come to your office on any business day and start to perform a Facility Audit?
They don't have to give notice or ask permission. Just the fact that you own a CVOR and operate a trucking company gives the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) the permission to audit at any time that they think it necessary.
But why do they pick your business?
MTO have their "Intervention" tactics. Interventions can start when your Threshold goes above 35%. Yes, at 35% you have gotten the MTO"s attention. More inspections at the scales and a Warning letter. More interventions happen at 50%, 70%, and 100%.
A sanction is the most severe disciplinary measure that the ministry may impose. It may result in:
  • a fleet limitation
  • plate seizure
  • suspension or cancellation of a operator's privileges

Don't let the CVOR Threshold go above 35%. You don't need the unwanted attention. For more information regarding "intervention" get your copy of the CVOR Cheat Sheet