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So you are new to the CVOR and all of its complicated words and processes. New lingo such as "Violation Threshold." What the heck is a Violation Threshold? (substitute four letter swear word for "heck" if you are so inclined as I am!)

When will you and your operators trigger Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) "Interventions?" Yes, interventions! That may mean MTO comes by your office for an audit, or your operators will get more tickets and more violations.​

What are the different "Ratings" that you may be assigned? How do these ratings affect your company, your insurance, and overall business? (And yes, your Insurance Company is very interested in your rating.)

Yes, you are in a new world. Tow Truck Operators are now enrolled in the CVOR program! And these are some of the questions that you may be asking yourself!

You also may be asking how do you read the darn thing? What is Violation Threshold? How are "Collisions, Convictions, and Inspections" affecting the Overall Violation Threshold?

CVOR Cheat Sheet

Tow Truck CVOR and Safety Dawg are here to help. We can help in your comprehension and understanding of the CVOR and the Level 2! We are here to answer your questions and concerns. Educational information such as the "CVOR Cheat Sheet" is provided for the most basic level of understanding and comprehension.

And for those that need a complete knowledge of the CVOR we have our ultimate CVOR learning course, but more on that later.

Start with the CVOR Cheat Sheet! It will get you onto the CVOR learning road quickly and efficiently.

CVOR, The Basics

If you need more information than the cheat sheet, we have the "CVOR, The Basics." course. Unbelievable value for only $7.00 and comes with a money back promise!

Remember to email me with your questions and concerns. I'm here for you!​


Chris Harris

CEO, and Top Dawg

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