That damn CVOR is so confusing. 

Who can read it? 

The CVOR has an “Overall Violation Rate.” What the heck (no swearing) is that?

It has a bunch of numbers for “Collisions,” “Convictions” and “Inspections.”

And what does it mean to my company?

Who can understand all of this stuff?

You Can with your own Detailed "CVOR Cheat Sheet!"

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Your Level 2 CVOR is really not that complicated when you break it down into the individual components.

Review the Cheat Sheet, and you will know what the “Overall Violation Rate” is and what numbers are good, bad and ugly. You will see that the Overall Violation Rate is made up of three components.

If you understand the Level 2 CVOR, you will be able to analyze it. With this knowledge, you can then train your drivers, dispatchers, management and mechanics so that you can reduce the Overall Violation Rate. After all, you require the Violation Rate to be as small as possible.

When you Download this free guide, you’ll learn when the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) may come knocking at your door and why. And you certainly don’t want to invite them to come by for a Facility Audit, and that is what you will be doing if you don’t understand your CVOR!

In your PDF document, and you will learn about the “CVOR Ratings” and how they affect you and your company.

When you learn how to read the CVOR and understand the Level 2, you will be able to predict when:
  • The MTO will be paying more attention to your company and trucks
  • You may have increased scale inspections
  • You can expect a CVOR Warning Letter!

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